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Post Grad. in Pelvic Floor & Continence Rehabilitation (Melb. Uni.) Bachelor of Physiotherapy (La Trobe Uni)

Special Interests: Mens and Womens health issues including bladder/bowel conditions (incl. pre/, with direct links to specialist surgeons in these fields). Specialist Women’s issues including vaginal, vulval, anal issues.

Pregnancy/post natal period: Back, neck, pelvic, rib pain & Pelvic floor related problems. Prolapse prevention and associated gynaecological related issues and breast feeding/ mastitis concerns.

Men’s Health: bladder, bowel, prostrate conditions both pre and post surgery, testicular and anal or penile symptom.

Amputees and Rehabilitation: with stump, skin care exercise routines, walking/gait correction and liason with prosthetic service providers as appropriate.

Also experienced in physiotherapy of acute management / rehabilitation for hip, knee, ankle and spinal conditions.

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