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Spinal Pain

Many people suffer neck and back pain. Spinal conditions include a “crick in the neck”, sciatica, back ache and stiffness amongst other things…

Sport Injuries

This category includes injuries such as sprained ankles, twisted knees, hamstring strains, dislocated shoulders, tennis elbows and calf muscle..

Headaches / Migraines

Many headaches can be as a result of a problem with the upper three vertebrae in the neck and their surrounding muscles. Headache..

Muscle Strains

Muscle injuries can occur at work, sport or during leisure times. These can include such things as hamstring tears during sprinting and calf tears…

Joint Sprains

Twisted knees and sprained ankles are very common injuries. These types of injuries normally involve damage to ligaments. The sometimes ..

Tendon and Ligament Damage

Tendons and ligaments are soft tissue structures. Tendons generally join muscles to bones while ligaments join bones to bones..

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are sometimes called repetitive strain injuries. These are often injuries that build up over time. They may originate from a very small..

Arthritic Conditions

Many joints become arthritic with years of use. Arthritic joints can be swollen, painful, and stiff. Physiotherapy can help reduce swelling and..

Pelvic Floor - Womens / Mens Health

Incontinence is a common problem affecting 2 million Australians of all ages. Weakened pelvic floor muscles, damage or disease to..

Child Bearing Years

The physical strain and hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy and effect the women in early motherhood can result in neck, back, pelvic joint..

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