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Clinical Physio Exercises is a series of exercise /strengthening rehabilitation that incorporates recognised research based methods that as qualified clinicians are skilled in adapting to YOUR specific needs. this may utilise Pilates type equipment and techniques but not exclusively. We will focus on challenging the posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing in various positions and with various resistances with an aim to optimise the function of YOUR body as a whole.
At Box Hill Physiotherapy your program could include exercises with our multipurpose gym with exercises done on the floor, fit ball, reformer and trapeze table, stationary bike as well as incorporate the use of balance boards, foam rollers etc.


Recent research supports the retraining of the deep stabilizing muscles for patients with various musculoskeletal problems. Clinical Physio Exercises will also adapt some Clinical Pilates routines on the recruitment and retraining of these stabilizing muscles as well as improving posture, strength and flexibility.
Clinically it has been seen that clients that participate in regular stabilisation exercises including some Clinical Pilates exercises have a more complete recovery and suffer from fewer issues post initial injury
Some common benefits of participating in regular Clinical Physio Exercises include:
• Prevention of injuries
• Assisting rehabilitation
• Improvement in posture and core stability
• Increased muscle strength and flexibility
• Improvement in general balance
• Re-establishment of normal and ideal movement patterns
• Enhanced breathing control
• Increased co-ordination and muscular control
• Improved overall body tone and fitness


No, Clinical Physio Exercises is suitable for all types of people. It is very commonly used as a rehabilitation tool for back and neck complaints but can also assist people with pain or problems in any area of the body. In addition many people find benefit post pregnancy, or find that improving their core stability improves their performance in their sport or activity of choice, due to improved coordination and control.
Additionally Clinical Physio Exercises is becoming more commonly used to assist in treatment of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and even chronic fatigue syndrome.


As mentioned above there are a number of different types of exercise formats in existence today. At Box Hill Physiotherapy you will participate in what is known as specific Clinical Physio Exercises designed by qualified staff just for you.
Clinical Physio Exercises refers to exercises with some Pilates techniques incorporated with other treatment / management techniques that are run by professional Physiotherapist. Unlike generic Pilates you will have a comprehensive assessment by one of our experienced Physiotherapists to assist in creating an individualised program to suit your needs. This program will be adjusted to suit your capabilities as you progress. Throughout a class each client will run through their own specific program.
Clinical Physio Exercises aim to ensure that your program is targeted to your body to reduce the risk of any adverse effects.

  • What we provide


    Box Hill Physiotherapy caters for all individual needs by providing both group pilates classes as well as individual sessions and unsupervised sessions. Classes are restricted to 2-3 clients in order to provide close supervision and individual attention to each client, whilst keeping the cost at an affordable level. Clients in group classes will have an individualized program in which to work through, whilst being supervised and assisted by a physiotherapist. Individual sessions with a physiotherapist are also available, if you require more specific instruction or assistance, or are not yet confident to undergo a class. Independent/unsupervised sessions are also available for those competent in the safe use of equipment.

  • How it works

    Our clinical pilates is taught by qualified clinical pilates physiotherapists. Prior to participating in group classes, you will be required to undergo a one-on-one initial assessment by a pilates physiotherapist. This is important so as your injuries and relevant history can be assessed, to allow us to cater for your specific needs. You will also be provided with an introduction to pilates and basic principles. Following this session, you will be required to undergo a further 2-4 individual sessions with a physiotherapist (based on needs) in order for a specific pilates program to be developed for you.

    Once a program is in place, clients may join a 30minute group class with one of our instructors at a suitable time (see timetable). Classes are kept small, with a maximum of three participants in each class. The physiotherapist will provide you with feedback about your exercises, and alterations as required, so that you are getting the most out of your program every time you attend. For the most effective results, we recommend 2 classes per week, however recommendations based on your specific needs and other exercise will be discussed following your individual assessment.

    Following a minimum of 6-8 group sessions your physiotherapist may deem your competence, safety and current injury stable enough to complete independent sessions. This means you may use our pilates facilities without supervision, at minimal cost. This is effective for those who are requiring minimal supervision in classes, and feel confident with their current program. Every 4-6 weeks an individual review will be completed with a physiotherapist in order to review your technique, progress or alter your program as required.

  • Cost

    Both individual sessions and pilates classes with a physiotherapist are fully rebatable with your private health fund based on your extras cover

    Rebate does not apply for independent/unsupervised sessions, hence we provide these at minimal cost

    TAC, Workcover, Veterans Affairs may cover pilates based on your suitability and needs. This will need to be discussed further with your treating physiotherapist and GP

  • Class Timetable


    ..coming soon

    please call our reception staff on 9899 5575 for class times

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