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Pilates : How it works


Our clinical pilates is taught by qualified clinical pilates physiotherapists. Prior to participating in group classes, you will be required to undergo a one-on-one initial assessment by a pilates physiotherapist. This is important so as your injuries and relevant history can be assessed, to allow us to cater for your specific needs. You will also be provided with an introduction to pilates and basic principles. Following this session, you will be required to undergo a further 2-4 individual sessions with a physiotherapist (based on needs) in order for a specific pilates program to be developed for you.

Once a program is in place, clients may join a 40minute group class with one of our instructors at a suitable time (see timetable). Classes are kept small, with a maximum of three participants in each class. The physiotherapist will provide you with feedback about your exercises, and alterations as required, so that you are getting the most out of your program every time you attend. For the most effective results, we recommend 2 classes per week, however recommendations based on your specific needs and other exercise will be discussed following your individual assessment.

Following a minimum of 6-8 group sessions your physiotherapist may deem your competence, safety and current injury stable  enough to complete independent sessions. This means you may use our pilates facilities without supervision, at minimal cost. This is effective for those who are requiring minimal supervision in classes, and feel confident with their current program. Every 4-6 weeks an individual review will be completed with a physiotherapist in order to review your technique, progress or alter your program as required.


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