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Remedial Massage : Tennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) involves collagen breakdown in the tendon fibres (tendinosis) and not an actual inflammatory problem.  The majority of problems in lateral epicondylitis result from excessive concentric wrist extension or eccentric wrist flexion.  Either of these actions performed repetitively can overwhelm the tendon fibres and lead to tendon degeneration.

Chronic tension in the wrist extensor muscles can also cause fatigue and tendon degeneration and long hours on a daily basis of computer use is often a cause of this condition.

Traditional approaches:

Rest or reduction from offending activities, ice application, strength training activities, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, corticosteroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, bracing, surgery, and soft tissue therapy.

Treatment techniques for Tennis elbow:

All of the following techniques are targeting the wrist extensors.  Transverse sweeping, deep compression broadening, deep longitudinal stripping, compression-broadening with active engagement shortening, and deep longitudinal stripping with active engagement lengthening,.

Transverse friction to extensor tendons at the elbow.  Cryotherapy is sometimes used both before and after the friction treatments to reduce discomfort. 

Stretching the wrist extensors is an essential aspect during the treatment session as well as by the patient at home.


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