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BALLET & Creative Dance Physio's  Katherine

Katherine has been a high level performer and teacher of Ballet and contemporary dance, with special interests in Pre-Pointe Assessments and working with Jazz and contemporary dancers. Kath was both a student and teacher at Vic. School of Ballet. and other organisations.


Australian Institute of Sport  (A.I.S.) Laura, Ben & Kay

All three Physio's qualified from the A.I.S. for the elite Level 3 Sports Course which is 8 days of intense high level theory and training for completion of their Sports Title qualifications



BHPC provide 30min Pilates classes mon-fri, with both morning and evening classes available. Book in for an assessment with our Clinical Pilates qualified physiotherapists; Kay, Laura, Kathy; Helen and Jason to get you started!

the dedicated Pilates room is also available for your own private session.


HIP / GROIN  "catching" Pain

HIP / GROIN PAIN:  If you experience "catching" groin pain, and you are thinking of having an INJECTION for relief, see physiotherapist's Ian McFarland & Ben Janson who has been specializing in management of this difficult area, being associated with leading surgeon's who specialize in Australia Hip Arthroscopic Surgery since 2008. Ian is also involved in research with Melbourne University in this area.



Our Physio's develop individual rehab. programs in conjunction with your specific surgeon's protocol for all post surgical conditions from Shoulder replacement and rotator cuff surgery to both knee and hip total replacements and ligament surgery.


MASSAGE  at Box Hill Physio

Both  Mark Ferguson Wed 1-8pm; Sat 8-1pm (former AFL & Hockey masseur); and Joey Zhong Mon & Fri 12-6 ( speaks Cantonese & Mandarin) both AAMT members and experienced.


Podiatrist orthotic Assessment

for 7 years now Jasmine uses a video gait analysis and treadmill to assess your walking and running style. She can help you with all feet conditions and running shoe recommendations.


Treadmill / Biomechanical foot assessment

Our podiatrist, Jasmine specialises in toe and foot management and also utilises treadmill / biomechanical computer running program for shoe fitting advice. Bring your runners for full assessment. 


VFL Box Hill HAWKS and Box Hill PHYSIO

2018 (5th year senior physiotherapist)  BOX HILL PHYSIO Ben Janson commence his 5th year with VFL team Box Hill Hawks.


Australian Gymnastics Championship

Kay Lovus (former Goldsworthy) is part of the Physio team for the women's Victorian Artistic State Gymnastics team as part of her coverage of both local, state and National Gymnastics competitions.


Back Injuries / Clinical Pilates

Kay, Laura,Helen, Katherine and Jason run our individual and group Clinical PILATES classes for those requiring strengthening of their abdominal stabilizers, and other areas. We have both reformers and a Trap table, and can design a personalized program for you, in our updated  Pilates studio.


Carlton AFLW Team Senior Physiotherapist Laura

Laura has been the Balwyn Football Club ( EDFL) ; Coburg F.C VFL and has moved onto becoming the first Carlton AFLW senior Physiotherapist, and was part of the Carlton first win over Collingwood AFLW in front of the lock out crowd of 25,000 spectators......what an exceiting development


Pre Natal / Post Natal Classes with Helen

Helen Connor with over 20 years of experience will take you through Women's Health management.  With one on one education or groups of x3 individualized Pilates classes.


OLYMPIC success off to RIO 2016

Both qualified in Table Tennis at the recent Oceania qualifying competition held at Bendigo. This will be Jian's 5th Olympics and David's 1st well done from the team at Box Hill Physiotherapy.



Melbourne University uses Box Hill Physiotherapist, Ian McFarland as a treating clinician involved with the "Physiotherapy for Hip Arthrities" program 2010-13.  He is also involved with the post Knee Meniscus rehabilitation research 2012-. and more recently 2014- onwards the Lateral Hip Pain study. These research programs are what the greater physiotherapy community read about to apply to their own patients. Ian is just doing it 2- 3 years earlier.